Wk 12 – Artist Conversation

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: SUCCESSION

Media: Printmaking and Ink

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A


Jennifer Chen is a Graduate form the  School of Arts Printmaking. She got her undergraduate degree as A Biology major and decided she would look into painting. She had many interest but couldn’t decide what she wanted to share with us. Jennifer told us that her art work is both science and art related by her different backgrounds in both majors. She also told us that she will be teaching a  class in the fall which is Art 270 that is non-toxic techniques. Jennifer explained to us that the class is gonna be based on things you do at home.

Jennifer Chen’s work is different sizes of printmaking. Jennifer told us that the large one takes about a week without separation to complete because the paintings have to dry before she is able to continue to add to the rest. She said its close to painting because you have to let it dry but not exactly the same. She is trying to get our attention by the work and quality that she does. I really  believe that these pieces were different and made a great connection. All of her pieces were shaped as rectangles or squares because they were printmaking. All of her pieces are different by either having close ups or giving pictures in a birds eye view of a freeway.

All of Jennifer Chen’s pieces are all about nature somehow. The reason why her exhibit was called Succession was due to the equilibrium the ecosystem has throughout all the ups and downs. She wanted to show  us through her work that ecosystems have been around a long time while the city of Los Angeles has been here for a while. She likes to make art with nature of trees, she believes trees are signs of human intention and we should always consider that they were living before we were. He art pieces are trying to show that we are taking over and wants us to respect the ecology of what the planet has to offer for us to live.

This week’s artist conversation was diffrent kind of learning about the different views on nature. I felt like she kept on stuttering because she was nervous. After most of us left she was saying how nervous she was because she didn’t like the fact that they were many cell phones on her face. I respect all aspects of that because I would not like it either. Throughout the art gallery, I liked her art work and I can also relate to her work only because I enjoy nature and I find it very relaxing. Looking at nature brings a good vibe for me.


Wk 11 –Art Experience –Turning Pages

In this week’s art experience I experienced  library and bookstore different than what it actually is.  At first I was kinda confused because we were thinking that we are wasting space by sitting down reading a book. I believe that words and pictures do help explain what went on while we did the exercise Turning Pages because people were looking at us weird. I wouldn’t say that the style of the work doesn’t mean a lot because everyone has their own meaning. The only other way to share this experience is maybe announce it more around school for other people to join in on the movement of Turning Pages.

When we were told we couldn’t take pictures in the library, I understood because it was supposed to be quite time while reading books but somehow I got a picture in without nobody noticing . The experience I got from both the bookstore and the library were sort of the same. People may disagree with me but I think both places are using the area wise enough until all the chairs in the library waiting for computer to open up. The people that set up the bookstore and the library did it on purpose because they are looking in the future of supply and demand. I found out crazy how much the library has change because my parents use to tell me the library was full of books and only books, now-a-day it’s mostly filled up with laptops or just table so students can place their devices on there. Also the bookstore is considered a bookstore because they sell textbooks. At the moment there is not much book to sell because classes are almost over. So why is it called a bookstore if they have more object then books? I also found it crazy how we almost got kicked out of the library for reading a book lol. Overall, this experience was different because people were not use to it, I could tell from their face expressions.

Wk 10- Classmate Conversation


This week I spoke to Adeline. I never knew her but I interviewed her at random. So she is from Huntington Beach and commutes to school. She is a First year. She likes to go kayaking, sailing, canoeing, swimming, and loves to dance especially cumbias/Mexican music. She also likes going to the beach to see the sunset. She works a part time job, she started working since she was only 13 years old. She doesnt like scary movies but watches them anyway. She said she likes cooking but not cleaning afterwards lol which is funny to me. She can listen to any type of music, it varies from rap/hip hop to Spanish. She is actually one of the few people that I know that enjoys driving lol. She admits to being a procrasinator and says it’s her biggest problem other than not knowing what she wants to major in, thats why she is undeclared.Her family is Pachuca, Mexico . Adeline seems like a really cool chick and someone you can have fun around with.


Wk 10- Art Experience

For this week’s Art experience my pictures that I took came from school. As I checked the hashtag for our class I knew there were going to be a lot of random pictures, most of them were from the art gallery. The first picture I took was when I walked out of my anthro class, I looked to the right and it looked beautiful. A nice view always catches my attention. The second picture I took was of a plant that looks weird but cool and that was located outside the art gallery. My third picture I took was weird because at the moment i took this picture of my friends was asking me questions about the yeezys and some Jordan lol. My last picture I took is a piece that is in one of our school’s building. This piece is beautiful and really nice. It took a lot of hard work and time to create this piece. The screenshot that I took from one of my classmate I found to be funny because as for me I want to go into law enforcement and this picture made me laugh. This week’s art experience was cool and I wouldn’t mind doing something like this again. Here are some on my pictures and the first two are the ones I screen shotted.

Wk 10- Artist Conversation

Artist: Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition: Silent Screams

Media: Oil paintings, pastels, monoprints, and water based materials

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://www.helenwernercox.com/

Instagram: None

Helen Cox currently is in the graduate program here at California State University of Long Beach for her Masters of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting Figurative. She is originally from Ithaca, New York until the age of 18. She didn’t like the East Coast because of rain and snow so she decided to move to sunny Southern California. Her hobbies are to garden and read different books. In her garden she has California native plants, low water plants and fruit trees. When she reads books her favorite genre is fiction and mystery art. When she moved out to California she was a librarian for 14 years after she was a teacher her in California and in Boston. She likes to carry a book around with her so if she has any new ideas she could sketch them and get back to them when she wants to.

Helen Cox’s exhibit at the art gallery displays different pieces of carousels and animals that go with the carousels. Her art work was all different sizes from being large to small and being colorful to black and white. There was one piece in there that caught my eye which was the wooden sculpture she did of a horse on a carousel. Most of the faces on the horses had scared or frightened looks like something is chasing them. This tied into each piece differently but made the piece complete. All the pieces I was interested in were created by using pastel which had blue or an orange color to them. Overall, all her pieces had a common theme of a carousel.

Helen explained to us that the world goes in circles. That is how she got interested in making her art around carousels. This reminded her of the constant circle our world is going through. In her work she wants to make the humans in the real world be her horses in her art work. This is by showing us that people are not calm but make mistakes in there life time. All the horses faces had this puzzled or frantic face because it is to show how humans look when there is chaos around. She also went to the Griffith park to look at the carousel there and at the Santa Monica pier. The owner at Griffith park introduced Helen to a lady that is a carousel animal collector. This person allowed her to stay and take sketches of the different carousel animals she could see. One of her pieces at the gallery was when she rode a carousel for four hours and drew a sketch when she was on it. Most of her pieces that are made out of pastel took a long time to make so she told us that she wasn’t going to do them again.

I would have to say this art gallery had to be one of the main one that caught my attention because of the size of the art work and the detail that was put into it. These pieces were all had a three dimensional look to them that made you stare at them for a while. I could look at all these pieces for hours to understand the whole meaning of each. I have to give her credit for making these pieces because it looked like it took a lot of work and time to put into each piece. I could never have that much patients to make pieces with pastel and have so much details. Overall, this week’s art gallery was one of my tops one I had visited due to the amazing work that was out for show.

Wk 9 – Classmate Conversation


This week I held a conversation with Vanessa Betancourt. I met this girl during lecture in our art’s class. Vanessa is an 18 year old who was born on July 3rd, 1997 in Long Beach, California but was raised in Bellflower, California. She graduated from Mayfair High School with the class of 2015. She attends Cal State Long Beach and is a Social Worker major. She spends a lot of time with her God sister Brooklyn and enjoys going to the gym, but she only goes on the stair-climber machine because she wants to reach her goal of becoming Slim thick.lol She also loves to lift and says gym is life. She stats that it is also a stress reliever.    She drives a 1997 Acura but doesn’t know which kind. As a kid she loved Disney Channel and loved to watched Lilo and Stitch. She likes to go to Disneyland once a week, and her nickname is “Vanessa La Perra” because she loves the new Dog filter on snapchat. She says she posted a selfie like this once every two days on Snapchat. She is an awesome person and has a great personality that will put everyone in a good mood. So if you want to met her, hit her up.


Wk 9- Artist Conversation

Artist: Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Exhibition: All Work All Play

Media: Metals (copper/silver)

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: None

Instagram: None (has a personal one)

Sean Joy Cabanig is a fifth year student in Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in the metals program. She is expected to graduate soon. She is from Los Angeles, California and has been living in Long Beach for most of her college life. She stayed in the dorms here at California State University of Long Beach for the first two years. She really loves cooking, eating and hanging out with her boyfriend. When she is with her boyfriend they always end up playing  Halo. She has two older brothers, one is 31 years old and the other is 29 years old. Sean Joy is currently 23 years old. She wasn’t into metals when she started at California State University of Long Beach, she was in creative writing in poetry and decided she didn’t want to be this major when she attended SOAR and got into studio art. Now she is just about to graduate from the metals program.

In her art work, she made interesting pieces that were made out of metal. The shapes of her pieces were all different. Most of them were smooth that won’t cut you when you touch it. The colors of the art she created was just simply and plain. She didn’t change the color of the metal. The size of her pieces varied. Most of here pieces were something that you could wear around your neck, wrist or even your fingers. All of these pieces made me realize how hard it is to create art out of metal.

Almost all of the pieces of art she created was made out of the silver. But some were made from copper. She told us the reason why she uses silver is because it is precious and it is a metal that could be metaled way easier than copper. She says that creating any art piece with sliver is hard and takes major focus. She also mentioned that her work is very experimental. She never likes to make something that she doesn’t like. If you notice here work, its not all the same so it shows that it goes with what her mood is at the given time to create each piece. Lastly, she told us that she wants to go around the world and look at different cultures to get the inspiration to create new and different art pieces. Overall, I really enjoyed looking at Sean Joy’s art pieces at the gallery.

When I got to the art gallery I saw that she was the only artist there at the time so I decided to go and interview her. At first I really didn’t know what to expect because I like to hear what the artist has to say before going inside the gallery and look at there work. She was very interesting to listen to because she told us that she likes to show off her work with the experience she learns. This can tell that she has come a long ways because this art was really good. Making metal pieces can be hard because I used to try to bent the metal the way I wanted it to come out but it never came out the way I wanted it to. So by her making her amazing sculpture with metal is wonderful. Overall, her artwork was really good and one of the best ones I seen so far.