Week 14 – Art Experience

This week’s Art Experience we went to the Japanese Garden during class. I have never went to this garden so I thought it would be cool to go. I knew we had this garden at school but I never knew it was at. I met up with a few friends by the bus stop so we can walk together. I really like being around nature because it relaxes me and I enjoy it. As I enter the Garden it caught my eye because it was very beautiful. I found it cool how we can also feed the fishes from the garden. This was way better than being inside the classroom due to the view we had while trying to draw this image and that we saw. As far as my drawing it was difficult for me because I suck at drawing. I tried my best to draw what I saw but it was difficult. It was cool how you got all of us to go to the garden for one of our art experience. Overall, I really enjoy this experience even though I suck at drawing I had fun. I also found it cool how we sat down with an amazing view to draw something. What a great way to end off a semester with this last Art experience  !!!!!!


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