Wk 13 – Art Experience


For this week Art experience we are sending a classmate a care package. We chose this classmate by putting our name in a hat and picking one randomly. I got Alfonso Madrigal. I am sending him 3 things a sticker a wrist band and an arm band. I remember interviewing him a couple week ago and he was a cool dude. I went back to look at what he was into and he was a really into sports so I’m sure he is going to enjoy these things. I am also sending him a sticker of a clothing brand called “That Society” which is a dope brand I enjoy the clothes from there. The wrist band is a Yankees one my Favorite baseball team. He likes the dodgers and somewhat a New York fan. The Arm band is a Jordan brand because c’mon who doesn’t like Jordan lol. This is a really cool Art experience because we are sending random people a care package and I honestly cannot wait to see what i am going to get . It is going to be funny because I no clue what they are sending me lol. And now we have to wait and see next week for our package to come in.

This is similar to snapchat because we are using creativity. For snapchat we drew on a picture of what came to our head and in this case we are sending a care package to someone of things we enjoy or like. On the other hand is different because for snapchat we were are drawing and for this experience I am not sending any drawing but I’m sure other people are but in this case its different for me. As for me I would say ephemera would depend on how the person see it.  But as for me I think its precious due to the way I view things. I personally think things will gain and lose value over time its just life. I believe that fast is better only because Im the type of person thats wants everything quick but there isn’t not difference because at the end of the day you are still going to receive it. Fast is better because you received instantly instead of waiting days or hours for it. Preparing a meal with love is different because you will actually take time doing it. You can take your time thinking about what you are going to send, but there is going to be a time limit no matter what,  due to Fedex anyway so it doesn’t make a difference.


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