Wk 12- Art Experience -Game Design

imageThis is placing my Cache


Finding my Cache

This week’s Art experience was different from most of them that we have done. I found this one to be interesting only because many people were involved. I consider this to be like a game because we had to hide and find stuff something similar to my favorite child hood game (Hide’n’seek). Some were really challenging for me and gave up on some but others were really easy, I tried to do at least four. The picture above was the best one for me only because my charger messed up and when I chose to look for this object it was a charger lol I didn’t take it though lol, I decided to leave it for other people to find it also. There was one of them that was next to a hospital and I went to go look for it but I could not find it. I looked for it for about 15 mins before I gave up. Even though I couldn’t find some I had fun and wouldn’t mind doing this again on my own time with couple of friends. In the future I will probably make a bet with friends to see who can find more. Overall, this has to be the most fun I had that involves class work lol. This experience was a good time and wouldn’t mind doing something like this again.


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