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Wk 13 – Art Experience


For this week Art experience we are sending a classmate a care package. We chose this classmate by putting our name in a hat and picking one randomly. I got Alfonso Madrigal. I am sending him 3 things a sticker a wrist band and an arm band. I remember interviewing him a couple week ago and he was a cool dude. I went back to look at what he was into and he was a really into sports so I’m sure he is going to enjoy these things. I am also sending him a sticker of a clothing brand called “That Society” which is a dope brand I enjoy the clothes from there. The wrist band is a Yankees one my Favorite baseball team. He likes the dodgers and somewhat a New York fan. The Arm band is a Jordan brand because c’mon who doesn’t like Jordan lol. This is a really cool Art experience because we are sending random people a care package and I honestly cannot wait to see what i am going to get . It is going to be funny because I no clue what they are sending me lol. And now we have to wait and see next week for our package to come in.

This is similar to snapchat because we are using creativity. For snapchat we drew on a picture of what came to our head and in this case we are sending a care package to someone of things we enjoy or like. On the other hand is different because for snapchat we were are drawing and for this experience I am not sending any drawing but I’m sure other people are but in this case its different for me. As for me I would say ephemera would depend on how the person see it.  But as for me I think its precious due to the way I view things. I personally think things will gain and lose value over time its just life. I believe that fast is better only because Im the type of person thats wants everything quick but there isn’t not difference because at the end of the day you are still going to receive it. Fast is better because you received instantly instead of waiting days or hours for it. Preparing a meal with love is different because you will actually take time doing it. You can take your time thinking about what you are going to send, but there is going to be a time limit no matter what,  due to Fedex anyway so it doesn’t make a difference.


Wk 13-Classmate Conversation


This week’s classmate conversation I interviewed Elizabeth Moledo. She is a first year and CSULB and she is a Fashion merchandise major. Her favorite color is pink. She owns three pets which are two bunnies and a dog. She really enjoys sushi and loves going to the beach on her free time. She also loves shopping and hanging out with friends. She currently got a new job, she is now working for Hurley. She is from Costa Mesa and also loves snowboarding. She chose CSULB because it was the best school from Costa Mesa. She wanted to stay with her family. She thinking about adding a minor in Comm or design. She picked her major because she loves different types of clothes and loves keeping up in the fashion industry. Overall Elizabeth is a cool chick and if you want to know more about her hit her up.

Wk 12- Art Experience -Game Design

imageThis is placing my Cache


Finding my Cache

This week’s Art experience was different from most of them that we have done. I found this one to be interesting only because many people were involved. I consider this to be like a game because we had to hide and find stuff something similar to my favorite child hood game (Hide’n’seek). Some were really challenging for me and gave up on some but others were really easy, I tried to do at least four. The picture above was the best one for me only because my charger messed up and when I chose to look for this object it was a charger lol I didn’t take it though lol, I decided to leave it for other people to find it also. There was one of them that was next to a hospital and I went to go look for it but I could not find it. I looked for it for about 15 mins before I gave up. Even though I couldn’t find some I had fun and wouldn’t mind doing this again on my own time with couple of friends. In the future I will probably make a bet with friends to see who can find more. Overall, this has to be the most fun I had that involves class work lol. This experience was a good time and wouldn’t mind doing something like this again.

Wk 12 – Classmate Conversation


This week my friends and I interviewed John Stouras as a group. His hometown is Santa Cruz and attends CSULB. He is currently a first year. He is a Film Major. He loves sport in gerneral . His favorite basketball team is the Golden State Warriors and his favorite hockey team is the San Jose Sharks. He believes the Warriors will win back to back champions but I am a Cavs fan and they beat us last year  but I believe it won’t happen again lol. His hobbies are playing sports, which include basketball and football, and he also plays the bass which is cool. His last job was at the Apple store. He told us a crazy story how he was born with 11 fingers but was chopped off once he was born.

Wk 12 – Artist Conversation

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: SUCCESSION

Media: Printmaking and Ink

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A


Jennifer Chen is a Graduate form the  School of Arts Printmaking. She got her undergraduate degree as A Biology major and decided she would look into painting. She had many interest but couldn’t decide what she wanted to share with us. Jennifer told us that her art work is both science and art related by her different backgrounds in both majors. She also told us that she will be teaching a  class in the fall which is Art 270 that is non-toxic techniques. Jennifer explained to us that the class is gonna be based on things you do at home.

Jennifer Chen’s work is different sizes of printmaking. Jennifer told us that the large one takes about a week without separation to complete because the paintings have to dry before she is able to continue to add to the rest. She said its close to painting because you have to let it dry but not exactly the same. She is trying to get our attention by the work and quality that she does. I really  believe that these pieces were different and made a great connection. All of her pieces were shaped as rectangles or squares because they were printmaking. All of her pieces are different by either having close ups or giving pictures in a birds eye view of a freeway.

All of Jennifer Chen’s pieces are all about nature somehow. The reason why her exhibit was called Succession was due to the equilibrium the ecosystem has throughout all the ups and downs. She wanted to show  us through her work that ecosystems have been around a long time while the city of Los Angeles has been here for a while. She likes to make art with nature of trees, she believes trees are signs of human intention and we should always consider that they were living before we were. He art pieces are trying to show that we are taking over and wants us to respect the ecology of what the planet has to offer for us to live.

This week’s artist conversation was diffrent kind of learning about the different views on nature. I felt like she kept on stuttering because she was nervous. After most of us left she was saying how nervous she was because she didn’t like the fact that they were many cell phones on her face. I respect all aspects of that because I would not like it either. Throughout the art gallery, I liked her art work and I can also relate to her work only because I enjoy nature and I find it very relaxing. Looking at nature brings a good vibe for me.

Wk 11 –Art Experience –Turning Pages

In this week’s art experience I experienced  library and bookstore different than what it actually is.  At first I was kinda confused because we were thinking that we are wasting space by sitting down reading a book. I believe that words and pictures do help explain what went on while we did the exercise Turning Pages because people were looking at us weird. I wouldn’t say that the style of the work doesn’t mean a lot because everyone has their own meaning. The only other way to share this experience is maybe announce it more around school for other people to join in on the movement of Turning Pages.

When we were told we couldn’t take pictures in the library, I understood because it was supposed to be quite time while reading books but somehow I got a picture in without nobody noticing . The experience I got from both the bookstore and the library were sort of the same. People may disagree with me but I think both places are using the area wise enough until all the chairs in the library waiting for computer to open up. The people that set up the bookstore and the library did it on purpose because they are looking in the future of supply and demand. I found out crazy how much the library has change because my parents use to tell me the library was full of books and only books, now-a-day it’s mostly filled up with laptops or just table so students can place their devices on there. Also the bookstore is considered a bookstore because they sell textbooks. At the moment there is not much book to sell because classes are almost over. So why is it called a bookstore if they have more object then books? I also found it crazy how we almost got kicked out of the library for reading a book lol. Overall, this experience was different because people were not use to it, I could tell from their face expressions.