Wk 9- Artist Conversation

Artist: Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Exhibition: All Work All Play

Media: Metals (copper/silver)

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: None

Instagram: None (has a personal one)

Sean Joy Cabanig is a fifth year student in Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in the metals program. She is expected to graduate soon. She is from Los Angeles, California and has been living in Long Beach for most of her college life. She stayed in the dorms here at California State University of Long Beach for the first two years. She really loves cooking, eating and hanging out with her boyfriend. When she is with her boyfriend they always end up playing  Halo. She has two older brothers, one is 31 years old and the other is 29 years old. Sean Joy is currently 23 years old. She wasn’t into metals when she started at California State University of Long Beach, she was in creative writing in poetry and decided she didn’t want to be this major when she attended SOAR and got into studio art. Now she is just about to graduate from the metals program.

In her art work, she made interesting pieces that were made out of metal. The shapes of her pieces were all different. Most of them were smooth that won’t cut you when you touch it. The colors of the art she created was just simply and plain. She didn’t change the color of the metal. The size of her pieces varied. Most of here pieces were something that you could wear around your neck, wrist or even your fingers. All of these pieces made me realize how hard it is to create art out of metal.

Almost all of the pieces of art she created was made out of the silver. But some were made from copper. She told us the reason why she uses silver is because it is precious and it is a metal that could be metaled way easier than copper. She says that creating any art piece with sliver is hard and takes major focus. She also mentioned that her work is very experimental. She never likes to make something that she doesn’t like. If you notice here work, its not all the same so it shows that it goes with what her mood is at the given time to create each piece. Lastly, she told us that she wants to go around the world and look at different cultures to get the inspiration to create new and different art pieces. Overall, I really enjoyed looking at Sean Joy’s art pieces at the gallery.

When I got to the art gallery I saw that she was the only artist there at the time so I decided to go and interview her. At first I really didn’t know what to expect because I like to hear what the artist has to say before going inside the gallery and look at there work. She was very interesting to listen to because she told us that she likes to show off her work with the experience she learns. This can tell that she has come a long ways because this art was really good. Making metal pieces can be hard because I used to try to bent the metal the way I wanted it to come out but it never came out the way I wanted it to. So by her making her amazing sculpture with metal is wonderful. Overall, her artwork was really good and one of the best ones I seen so far.


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