Wk 8 Art Experience- Automatic Drawing

This week’s Art experience I decided to do it with poncho one of my close friends. It was different from all of our experience. It reminded me of the ouija board because we let it go on its own without thinking it. It was weird as first because we couldn’t stop laughing because we are never serious together so that was the hard part.  Poncho and I had a couple of beers during this project but we are not 21 yet lol. It would have been awkward to me if i didn’t do it with him. The fact that we were close it didn’t really affect me. At first I did not know what I was going to draw then as we progressed we started to get the hang of it. I was trying to draw a butterfly but poncho would move the pen to the other side so I couldn’t do it. After that I just let my hand do the movement and stayed relaxed.

Our result was not what we expected it to be because we thought we were going to draw something instead it came out to be a bunch of scribble. I tried to draw a picture but it did not work because he was thinking otherwise. Once we finished we both talked about how we wanted to draw something but we couldn’t because one another didn’t let it happen. Overall, it was different and out of the norm but it was a cool experience.


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