Wk 7- Art Experience- Video Production


For this week’s Art Experience me and my group decided to do #CollegeProbs. The topic of our video was called #StopStressing2k16. We decided to come up with this topic because as you know its very stressing to be a college student. Every college stresses during finals week. Staying up all night to study but the more you stress the worst it gets. The only thing that somebody can do it not think about the stress or don’t stress at all. So our video is about these friends studying and one of the guy is stressing because he doesn’t get it so he asked for help. His friend did not understand then he ask his other friends about it but his friends came in and told him stop stressing. We filmed this in the University Theater. Kike recorded and edited the video for us. We couldn’t keep a serious face so we had to do a lot of re take. We used a phone camera to record this video and if we would have done it with a real video camera it would of came out way better. Overall, I liked how our video came in and this was a good topic to do it on because it relates to us college students. By stressing a lot it can ruin people life because bad things happen when someone stresses. Stressing is not good and people should mange their time better so they won’t be put in this situation.


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