Wk 6- Art Experience- Photowalk

For this week’s art experiences, we did a photo walk. The walk I decided to go on was with Crysta Tim. The first stop we did was at a sculpture on the wall at Lecture hall. Then we took some pictures in front of the book store, of a tree with pink flowers on them. As we kept walking we went into the usu to take a few more pictures. As we went down to the first floor we took some more images on sculptures. When we got to the first floor we saw the game Jenga, and started to play it for a bit. We took turns and it was fun, even our Professor Glenn tried it and succeeded. As we were heading to our final stop we saw a perfect view of nature and we had to stop and capture a beautiful picture. As we proceeded to our last stop which was the fountain, we were record each other for our Snapchat stories lol. As we took our last picture, we were dismissed.

I was looking for sculptures that stood out to me, that made me feel like wow this is nice. Even with the pictures I took, I looked for stuff that looked nice to me. I liked the pictures I took of the tree because it stood out to me and for the sculptures I said to myself what is this and why they did artist decide to do this. As for me I don’t have experience with taking good pictures but I can imagine what people with experiences can do with a view like that.

Crystal was a good guide, she knew exactly where she was taking us, and where we can take our images at. One thing that could have made the walk better was if she talked to the group why she decided to pick this spot to take this image.


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