Wk 5 – Classmate Conversation- Tyler Kedis


For this week’s classmate conversation, I interviewed Tyler Kedis. His Instagram page is Instagram is tyler_kedis so people hit him up he’s a really cool dude. I have never spoke to Tyler before I had interviewed him. He is a second year at CSULB and is currently majoring in Bio Chem, he is also taking 15 units’ semester. With this degree he plans on being a pharmacist. Tyler was raised and born in Long beach. He attended Lakewood High school throughout his high school career and graduated in 2014.  His favorite color is blue like mine. He also loves to watch sports and his favorite teams are the LA Kings, the Minnesota Vikings, and the Yankees (I am also a Yankees fan so we will get along lol). His hobbies are going to the beach, snowboarding and playing video games. Of course his favorite games are sport ones. His favorite food is sushi. Tyler said that this has to be one of his favorite class because its different and he has a lot of fun. Overall, Tyler is a cool person and someone I would get along very well because we both love sports.



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