Wk 5 – Art Experience: Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure


For this week’s art experience, I choose to get a design on my head. As you may know not many people have some sort of art in their hair. At first I went into with a “yeah let’s do it” mentality but as I sat down on the barber chair, I kind of wanted to back out but I told myself this is for a grade so I did it. As he started doing it, I got sacred and did not want to look at the finished product, my barber asked me if I was okay lol I guess I started to sweat a bit. Once he finished with my haircut he asks for my opinion, believe it or not I liked the way it came out, I couldn’t complain. It was cool because a lot of people complemented my hair and others made a joke out of it lol. For example, they would tell me if my barber sneezed and the machine accidenatlly made a line in my head lol. I started to laugh because it was funny and then they told me they were just messing with me and that they liked how it came out.  This is why this class is fun to me because I get to experiences different things and I would have never thought of doing on my own. Overall, this art experience was fun because I got to see people’s reactions.


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