Wk 4 : Painting

For this project I decided to go in a group to make it more interesting instead of doing this alone. So me and 3 other guys decided to meet at someone house at go from there. As we walking to the art walls we did not know what to expect because graffiti on walls is illegal so i did not know how to react to this. We parked kind of far so we won’t have to pay but it wasn’t nothing to bad, the weather was great and we were just hanging out. None of us had dates anyway so it was a good time spending it with each other on Valentines Day. As we got to the walls we saw all these amazing art work, it surprised me on how good it was. So we were looking for a spot to set up, as we were looking at all these art works we didn’t know where to start because we did not want to messed up someone’s art. We saw a big blank spot but we decided to save that for someone who actually is dedicated to this kind of stuff. We saw some work that was crappy so we decided to work on there. We painted over the wall with a white spray can so it won’t interfere with our work. As my friend went first, I noticed people were just starring at us. I did not know how to react because they were looking at us weird and I heard one person say, “Is it legal to tag here” and it was making me think more. It was harder than I thought, in my head I pictured it to be simple and quick but it wasn’t lol. We were there for about an hour in a half. I had a fun time doing this because I had never tried something like this. As I kept trying and trying my name did not want right. But overall, it was a great time.


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