Wk 3- Classmate Conversation


My first classmate conversation was with somebody I just met, So I hardly knew anything about him. His name is William Luna. His favorite sport is soccer, he loves to play it also. His favorite team is Barcelona. This is his second year at CSULB like me but he is a Mechanical engineer and plans to work for GulfStream after college, this place is known to make private jets/planes for famous people which is a wealthy company and can bring home a lot of income to William. As for me I always thought engineer was a hard major but William is self motivated because he wants to do this for him and also his family. He is also a family person meaning he is close with his family. His hobbies are playing soccer, and he loves play video games (x-box1). He lives in Long Beach with his family and graduated from Lakewood high Class of 2014. He played soccer all four years in lakewood and got scouted from Long beach city college. He had fears entering Long beach State because of the funds, he thought he would have to take out loans his four years at CSULB. He had no clue of scholarship, Finical Aid, and etc. William told me “My hard work will pay off after i graduate college”, he is determine on graduating in four years and moving forwards with his life to help his family and friends. He is also friendly by the way he approach him, he is easily to get along with. I can relate to him because i am determine and self motived also.  By having the same goals, it can bring us closer as friends.



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