Wk 3 – Artist Conversation

  • Information Block:
  • Artist: Heather Jarrard
  • Exhibition: Standard 2.6: An Education Student Association
  • Media: Mixed-Media with Macaroni and Beans
  • Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
  • Website: N/A
  • Instagram: cobranoagWk


As I was looking around at the art, i had a hard time choosing which one to write/know more about. I kept walking from room to room to see which one i would choose. Therefore, I decided to go with Heather Jarrard, she has been working towards her degree for about seven years now and is pursing to take this road as her career. She wants to teach art to kids in middle school or be an art teacher for high school students and also create more art of her own. She is a graduate student. Her main focus was to work with metal but she found out that it can be expensive, therefore this art was completely the opposite because she did this art from beans and macaroni which is way less expensive.

By the tools/funds that she had, she did a wonderful job making it work. She uses simple stuff that can be found in many places, for example: beans, glue and macaroni. She has great creativy because she had to place these little things in the right place to create this bigger picture/sculpture. As I walked into the room this art was one of the main ones that caught my attention so I wonder to myself what was the story behind this?

Jarrard expressed her feelings through this art by using simple/cheap stuff because she knows how small the budget of art is in the state of California. She also stated that California is the second worst state in the U.S due to the fact that the average student receives only 24 cents as their budget. In my head I wonder how much stuff can you really buy on this budget? literally nothing right, so how can an artist really show how they’re feeling with hardly little to no resources.

As I learned more about this art and the reason why Jarrard decided to do this amaze me how she really express her feeling towards the budget crisis of art. She literally put basic stuff and created an amazing art for people. I admire her work because she must have been really patient and worked really hard. I honestly admire people’s hard work.



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