Wk 3 Drawin’ w Snapchat

The top two pictures are the ones I got from my classmates. The first Snapchat photo I liked because I found it funny how one of my classmates drew that person and added emojis to fit it together. I tried to do something like this with this art but couldn’t pull it together. It took great creativity to do this. The second picture I could relate to it because I live by this motto also #GSWS, it’s the key to success lol.

The first picture I drew; I honestly did not know what I was drawing lol. I just started drawing whatever came to my mind. That thing that was sticking out of her mouth looked like a cigarette, so I drew smoke coming out of it. Therefore, my second picture that I drew came from an artwork that looked like a body of a person so I decided to draw a guy. It did not come out the way i thought it was going to but i accepted the fact that I can’t draw but I tried :).




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