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Wk 6- Art Experience- Photowalk

For this week’s art experiences, we did a photo walk. The walk I decided to go on was with Crysta Tim. The first stop we did was at a sculpture on the wall at Lecture hall. Then we took some pictures in front of the book store, of a tree with pink flowers on them. As we kept walking we went into the usu to take a few more pictures. As we went down to the first floor we took some more images on sculptures. When we got to the first floor we saw the game Jenga, and started to play it for a bit. We took turns and it was fun, even our Professor Glenn tried it and succeeded. As we were heading to our final stop we saw a perfect view of nature and we had to stop and capture a beautiful picture. As we proceeded to our last stop which was the fountain, we were record each other for our Snapchat stories lol. As we took our last picture, we were dismissed.

I was looking for sculptures that stood out to me, that made me feel like wow this is nice. Even with the pictures I took, I looked for stuff that looked nice to me. I liked the pictures I took of the tree because it stood out to me and for the sculptures I said to myself what is this and why they did artist decide to do this. As for me I don’t have experience with taking good pictures but I can imagine what people with experiences can do with a view like that.

Crystal was a good guide, she knew exactly where she was taking us, and where we can take our images at. One thing that could have made the walk better was if she talked to the group why she decided to pick this spot to take this image.


Wk 5 – Art Experience: Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure


For this week’s art experience, I choose to get a design on my head. As you may know not many people have some sort of art in their hair. At first I went into with a “yeah let’s do it” mentality but as I sat down on the barber chair, I kind of wanted to back out but I told myself this is for a grade so I did it. As he started doing it, I got sacred and did not want to look at the finished product, my barber asked me if I was okay lol I guess I started to sweat a bit. Once he finished with my haircut he asks for my opinion, believe it or not I liked the way it came out, I couldn’t complain. It was cool because a lot of people complemented my hair and others made a joke out of it lol. For example, they would tell me if my barber sneezed and the machine accidenatlly made a line in my head lol. I started to laugh because it was funny and then they told me they were just messing with me and that they liked how it came out.  This is why this class is fun to me because I get to experiences different things and I would have never thought of doing on my own. Overall, this art experience was fun because I got to see people’s reactions.

Wk 5 – Artist Conversation

Artist: Kristi Jensen

Exhibition: Fuse: Join to Form A Single Entity

Media: Metals: Silver, Cooper, Steel

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: None

Instagram: whipperton

About The Artist

Kristi Jensen is a returning student graduating in the fall with a BFA in Metal and Jewelry. As she started her art career she started as a sculpture major but was not into conceptual art. She stated that working was metal is easier and she has been doing it for about two years now, she is having fun with it. For these pieces it took her about three weeks to finish each one. She likes to read, drink wine, hangout with her husband and dog and loves to watch the show The Walking Dead. She is driven by her art during the process. She likes when she finishes an art piece because it brings satisfaction to her. She clearly stated that from all her pieces her favorite one has to be the necklace.

Formal Analysis

All the work that she has done are made out of metal. She stated that her pieces are co-linear with sweeping lines. A lot of people disagreed with her and told her that her work was cohesive. She uses: silver, copper, and steel. Before she even starts to create her project she starts off by making it with paper then later creating it with the metal pieces. The colors that she used were mostly blue or lime green with a little bit orange. She also stated that the size did not matter, the only thing that matter to her was if she had fun while doing them. She would use copper over silver due to the costs, copper is way cheaper than silver.

Content Analysis

These pieces that were created started from watching her grandpa fix televisions. While he was doing so she would sit down and just watch him. She got the idea from him that’s why she likes to fix and create things on her own. She stated that’s the only problem she had is naming her art work. Once she gets this problem down with, she will have more art show. One key factor why she likes to play with metal is because she could hit it with a hammer and burn it with fire to shape it the way she wants it to be. None of her prices correlate to one another because she does them with a different technique each time. To top it off, she sometimes wears her pieces that she created.

Synthesis/ My Experience

As I walk into the art gallery, I noticed a lot of artwork. I did not know which art belong to what artist. As I seen her and I walked up to her and started hearing her talk. Once I got her name I looked up all her work in a paper that’s inside the gallery. As I was looking through her work, it stood out to me because it was different and unique from the others. I also realized why the necklace was her favorite, it was also my favorite, the colors stand out. It also a combination of two of my favorite colors. I also wonder how it took her 3 weeks to do the ring because as for me I am impatient and cannot work with stuff that is little.  It takes great talent to work with metal because dealing with a hammer, you need to know how hard you can hit something to form the shape you want. Overall, her work is unique and stood out to me. I really enjoy Kristi Jensen’s work.

Wk 5 – Classmate Conversation- Tyler Kedis


For this week’s classmate conversation, I interviewed Tyler Kedis. His Instagram page is Instagram is tyler_kedis so people hit him up he’s a really cool dude. I have never spoke to Tyler before I had interviewed him. He is a second year at CSULB and is currently majoring in Bio Chem, he is also taking 15 units’ semester. With this degree he plans on being a pharmacist. Tyler was raised and born in Long beach. He attended Lakewood High school throughout his high school career and graduated in 2014.  His favorite color is blue like mine. He also loves to watch sports and his favorite teams are the LA Kings, the Minnesota Vikings, and the Yankees (I am also a Yankees fan so we will get along lol). His hobbies are going to the beach, snowboarding and playing video games. Of course his favorite games are sport ones. His favorite food is sushi. Tyler said that this has to be one of his favorite class because its different and he has a lot of fun. Overall, Tyler is a cool person and someone I would get along very well because we both love sports.

Wk 4 – Artist Conversation- Samuel Jernigan

Artist: Samuel Jernigan

Exhibition: Weight of Whimsy and Ideals

Media: Ceramics

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: Samuel Jernigan’s Website :

Instagram: samueljenri

Samuel Jernigan is from Central California. He graduated from Cal State Long beach in 2015 from the College of Arts in Ceramics. His goal is to attend UCLA for graduate school and get his degree in Ceramics. He has many interest from reading comics book and also going on long bike rides to even watching cartoons. He lived in his car for three years and worked for a famers market for three years. He stated when it comes down to art he won’t create anything that he does not find humor in so from that you can tell he has a good sense of humor. He said the art that we saw took him around 4 months each. He also stated that when he starts a project he can stay in an art room for about 14-16 hours a day because once he gets on a roll he does not want to stop until he finishes it.

The sculpture he had up on the art gallery were from his inspiration of toys. He consider this projects as “giant toys”. By having a bust it make the artist change the sculpture the way he wanted it. All these sculptures had a smooth texture on them with no sharp edges. He stated that he use expensive tools to get this projects together. The paint he used was called Montana. His art came in many different sizes, some were small and other were large.

This sculpture were inspired by toys. As he would attend flee markets he would always see beat up and old toys there and it would affect him because he wouldn’t want to see stuff like that. This would make him sad and upset so he started to make these toys into sculptures. The point of his sculptures was to bring back childhood memories to his audiences. This is one main point that make his work different from other artist

As I walked in into the gallery, this pieces were different from other I seen before. They stood out to me because as I seen them I thought about cartoons that I use to watch before. For example, the fish brought back memories from the Dr. Suess books because it looks very similar.  It also brought back memories from old toys I use to play with. He had many artwork and I pick certain ones to put up because those were my favorite. The Cinderella piece is very precise because it looks like her body. It was different seeing this kind of art than regular painting because they didn’t have an impact on me like this artist had. I can relate to his work because as a kid I use to look watching cartoon and reading books.

Wk 4 – Classmate Conversation


My second classmate conversation was a somebody I kind of already knew. His full name is    Luis Enrique Vega but he does not like the name and he goes by Enrique or his friends call him “Kike”. We talked throughout class but it wasn’t really like a 1 on 1 convo until this day. He’s a cool dude and has a good personality. He attended Bellflower high for his four years and graduated there in 2015. He currently lives in bellflower, and says he likes it there. He loves to watch and play soccer as well, he was on the soccer team in bellower and won a CIF Title his Senior year of high school. He claims it to be one of his best moments/accomplished in his life. As for me I played a sport in high school too so I know how difficult it is to win a CIF title.  He works at a movie theatre in Downey that just opened up and he says its fun working there. He is a first year at CSULB and is currently undeclared, he thinking about going into film because he loves to edit stuff and is really good at it. He likes to play the game FIFA on his free time. He loves CSULB because its local and get to commute instead of dorming. He is a family guy and loves to spend time with them. He has many goal this year but one of his main ones are to save money and travel to different countries. He wants to go to Puerto Rico and visit the beaches there. I heard it’s really nice and hopefully he meets his goals and travels this year. Hanging out with Kike on a 1 on 1 basis was really cool because we connected really good and he’s a fun to be talk to.

Wk 4 : Painting

For this project I decided to go in a group to make it more interesting instead of doing this alone. So me and 3 other guys decided to meet at someone house at go from there. As we walking to the art walls we did not know what to expect because graffiti on walls is illegal so i did not know how to react to this. We parked kind of far so we won’t have to pay but it wasn’t nothing to bad, the weather was great and we were just hanging out. None of us had dates anyway so it was a good time spending it with each other on Valentines Day. As we got to the walls we saw all these amazing art work, it surprised me on how good it was. So we were looking for a spot to set up, as we were looking at all these art works we didn’t know where to start because we did not want to messed up someone’s art. We saw a big blank spot but we decided to save that for someone who actually is dedicated to this kind of stuff. We saw some work that was crappy so we decided to work on there. We painted over the wall with a white spray can so it won’t interfere with our work. As my friend went first, I noticed people were just starring at us. I did not know how to react because they were looking at us weird and I heard one person say, “Is it legal to tag here” and it was making me think more. It was harder than I thought, in my head I pictured it to be simple and quick but it wasn’t lol. We were there for about an hour in a half. I had a fun time doing this because I had never tried something like this. As I kept trying and trying my name did not want right. But overall, it was a great time.