Monthly Archives: January 2016

Wk2- Art Experience- Plaster Casting

So our group decided to do the project at the park instead of the beach to try something different.  It was an interesting experience because as we were walking to the park from our car we were holding a bag of plaster, a shovel and a bucket, therefore people were looking at us weird lol. The park closed at 8 p.m. and we got there around 7:35 so we had no time to waste. As we were progressing our time was running out and the guys who had to close down the park were there waiting, but somebody from our group knew the guy and was stalling for us as our plaster was drying up. Overall, I had a good time doing this project because I got to hang out with friends and also because I have never done nothing like this throughout my life. I have never worked with plaster but to me it was sort of like mold/clay. Maybe now that I know how plaster works, I can do something creative with it that is meaningful to me and keep it for a very long time :).


Landscapes with a Corpse


Taking this picture was difficult because people do not plan the way they die. It was hard to try to keep a serious face, I had to retake the picture five times because I kept laughing. When you watch a movie and see people die it looks realistic and natural whereas me having to plan and capture a moment of death was not as simple as it looked. I was inspired to take a picture like this because i seen it in one of my favorite shows.